Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life in Miniature Form

I love Kidrobot toys -- everything from zipper pulls to Dunnys to the subversive Smorkin' Labbit to of course, Yummy Breakfast keychains! But when I was in San Francisco this past Christmas time, my sister came home with these adorable blind boxed Japanese toys from Puchi Petites. I just love the detail in these packages. At Trocadero, we are carrying "Fun Meals," "Girls in the City" and "American Kitchen" blind boxed packages. Both "Fun Meals" and "American Kitchen" are food-themed; but while "Fun Meals" focuses solely on miniature food and food-related items, "American Kitchen" usually also includes some "ambience-related" toy such as a schoolhouse chair in the "Fun at the Cafeteria" box. We really like it when our customers open their blind boxed toys at the Troc so that we can see everything up close and personal. Just the other day, one cute family of four came into the store and the kids each got "American Kitchen" -- Isaiah got "See You at the Courts" and Nora got "Birthday Party Fun." They left the Troc pretty darn happy. These Puchi Petites really are just too much. "The Girls in the City" packages have themes such as "After 5 Singles Party" and "Overseas Retreat." I love the one we opened: "Hot Date After Work" which has a small shopping bag in a familiar blue that says "Tiny & Co." Come by the Troc to see our display of Puchi Petites toys and try to resist coming home with "Pizza Night" or "Drive 'N Go" meal among other things!

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