Saturday, April 11, 2009

Meet Team Trocadero: SABRINA

This is the first of a many-part series called "Meet Team Trocadero!" Here we'll introduce you the multi-faceted and thoroughly talented group of folks who are an integral part of our everyday operations. This series of Q&A questions will give you a brief idea of each person's personal style and fashion aspirations. Hey, it's not brain surgery....just a little glimpse into everyone who makes up our awesome team. First up? Miss Sabrina...

How would you describe your personal style in one sentence:
My style is laid back simplicity-I use accessories to try and create different looks.

Favorite item of clothing"
A can be worn for anything-with boots and leggings if it's cold, gladiators for a summer day and heels at night. With a simple dress the possibilities are endless.

If money was no object, what is the one designer you would wear head-to-toe:
Chanel, of course!'

Favorite place to shop (besides Trocadero!):

Your current fashion icon is:
Nicole Richie

What would you wear from your own closet to your interview at a top fashion magazine:
Such a toughy! I would wear this royal blue skirt I have that has a gold zipper up the back and the rest of my outfit would be black: black tights, shoes and a black or white shirt. Oh, and my hair pulled back for sure.

My go-to outfit for a special occasion is:
My black dress.

Do you identify with Sabrina's personal style? Or is it the polar opposite? Let us know! Stay tuned to Troc Talk to learn more about Team Trocadero and see if you're more "Sabrina" or more of a "Lauren" or "Kathleen" or any of our team as we reveal a new staff/intern member to our readers and customers.

Sabrina is pictured outside the Chloe boutique at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas during the shoe show in February 2009.

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