Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Trocadero Mini Guide to BRK Weekend 2009

With about 30,000 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders coming to town, we've decided to give some lost visitors to Omaha a guide to Where to Shop, Eat and Drink while in town for the weekend. Most of our suggestions are in the Old Market area as this is within walking distance of the Qwest Center where the main activities are taking place. 

Friday night, many folks head over to Borsheim's for their cocktail party. Who doesn't want to drink some fine alcoholic beverages and then shop for fancy jewelry? If new jewelry isn't in your budget, but a stiff drink is, we suggest you head over to Hiro, at 3655 N. 129th Street, off Maple. This is where you get all the sake bombs, saketinis and a full menu of bar drinks in addition to some yummy sushi and Japanese fare. For those who spent all their money on a new bauble (or two), we suggest you make your way to Hiro's Reverse Happy Hour..with half-price select sushi rolls, appetizers and drinks! Reverse Happy Hour takes place from 10pm-midnight.

Wake up bright and early the next morning and head downtown over to Delice, at 1206 Howard (right next door to Trocadero). This European-style bakery has croissants and pastry goods with a full coffee and tea selection. Another suggestion is to head to Aromas at 1033 Jones Street where you can get your java lift with their "Black as Hell" drip coffee (which has twice the grounds of their house French roast) or their delicious dirty Chai, which has a shot of espresso. While there, grab some coffee cake or a scone at Bickford Bakery.

Then rush on over to the Qwest and take your seat to watch the Oracle of Omaha in all his grandeur. Actually, watching Mr. Buffett and Mr. Munger speak is quite the treat. In their next life, they could be a comedy duo on the road. I would pay to see them for sure.

During the break, inflate the BRK stock price and shop the booths at the Qwest: get bargains on See's Candies, Justin boots, Ginsu knives and a host of other items from companies owned by Berkshire Hathaway. After your fifth, free ice cream bar and pack of Wrigley's gum, (and if you're seeking some fresh air) walk on over to the Old Market and do some more shopping and eating.


Check out Trocadero at 1208 1/2 Howard Street, (you can't expect us to not plug our own little shop in Omaha, right?), the city’s accessories Mecca with lifestyle gifts. Lotus across the street carries natural fiber clothing while Second Chance (on Jackson and 12th) and Bellwether (right around the corner from Delice) are the stops for vintage and antiques. Pulp Gallery in the Passageway carries charming paper goods while Drastic Plastic and Homer's are the stops for music-philes (both on Howard Street around 12th Streets). Jackson Street Booksellers at 11th Street offers reading material for even the most discerning, including Omaha native Kurt Andersen. Other notable stops in the Old Market include: Room for modern home decor goods, Nouvelle Eve for women's clothing, Urbane, Sirens or Hair Market for a shampoo, blowout, manicure or facial and the Omaha Healing Arts for various types of therapeutic massage as well as detox teas.

If you're feeling peckish, we suggest you take a load off and go to where Gorgeous George (as in George Clooney) recently visited: La Buvette, my favorite little watering hole and restaurant. There's nothing better than grabbing a bottle of wine from the shelves and sitting down to a plate of cheeses and charcuterie and homemade French bread. Divine! Can't get a table? We suggest a slew of other places such as M’s Pub for their classic casual fare, like a Omaha-original reuben or their house specialty: a lavosh with delightful toppings. If it's dinner time, head over to the newest addition to the restaurant scene: The Boiler Room for their inventive cuisine in a great space in addition to a master sommelier to pick out a perfect bottle. Ahmad’s has wonderful Persian, Indian Oven for your tikka masala and lamb vindaloo fix and Twisted Fork serves up southern-style eats. We also suggest Stokes for southwestern cuisine and tex-mex flair and Blue Sushi for tasty sushi rolls, Japanese eats and a lively, fun atmosphere with live DJ on some nights. For something more upscale and for an excellent meal, go to V. Mertz in the Passageway. Craving Italian food? Try out Nicola's on 13th and Jackson or Vivace down on Howard and 11th. If you want to head out of the Old Market for some tasty "big portion" Italian, check out Malara's around 21st and Pierce or Lo Sole Mio on 3001 S. 32nd Ave.

If you want ice cream, then it's absolutely necessary to stop by Ted & Wally's in the Old Market for some flavorful treats; they change them daily and if you're lucky, you'll get them on a night when they have their "Guinness" (yes, Guinness!) flavored ice cream. Speaking of beer... check out Upstream Brewing for their house made brews on tap.

Time for some more drinking? We suggest you leave your credentials at home and have a glass of champagne on tap at the Homy Inn, one of Esquire’s best U.S. bars. Hear live music at the Slowdown or at The Waiting Room. The Dundee Dell is the place for scotch lovers while Dario’s has Belgian beers with frites. Sample a flight of wines or just a glass at Urban Wine Company, or head next door and sip martinis and take in the live DJs at Nomad. 

On Sunday, if you're still hungry after the Borsheim's brunch (or are staying downtown and don't want to drive back out west), make a reservation for brunch at Dixie Quicks, featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Order any of their "scrambles" though we're really partial to the house "Dixie" one. The tomato cream sauce is to-die-for. We also love the butterscotch pancakes and basically anything at Lisa's Radial Cafe, a little dive coffee shop that is known for its speciality of the house: the Radial Raft, sausage and biscuits in a pool of gravy. For an excellent omelet and house-made ricotta and blueberry pancakes, eat at Amato's on 64th and Center. Later, skip the crush for an Omaha Sirloin at Gorat's and instead get a delicious whiskey filet at the Drover near 72nd Street and Mercy.

Now how's that for a quick 48 Hour Guide to Omaha? Consolation prize is that there's always next year to take in all these treats. It's never too early to make your reservations now for next year. BRK Weekend is April 30th-May 2nd next year!

Celebrities and Trocadero

We love when we see our products on various celebs -- mostly because it really connects with the customer. When someone sees that a certain celebrity is wearing a certain product...well, I know the power of celebrity (I mean I worked at a celebrity/fashion glossy for over a decade!)!!

I like it even more when the certain celeb is the designer behind the brand. Hey, I'm not one to wear head-to-toe one designer, and I definitely am a believer in mixing the high with the low. That's why I really love that Gwen Stefani is modeling her own Andrha Bala clutch (which by the way is on our own home website page at Trocadero). What's even better is that the chevron and brightly color-blocked clutch is a mere $195 -- a pittance compared to what other bags are out there this season.

The other bag that we've seen on another famous face is the James tote from Botkier. It is seen here on Megan Fox. We love this roomy tote both in this tan color but also the deep purple style we have at the Troc.

Don't Be Bonded by One Scent

The Bond no. 9 fragrances, brought to the United States (from France) by Laurice Rahme, use only the highest concentrations of oils. This characteristic makes all the different perfumes, named after different neighborhoods and streets in New York, mix very nicely. This winter I religiously wore Andy Warhol's Lexington Avenue mixed with Chinatown for a sweet and spicy scent. Since the spring arrival of Brooklyn, Little Italy and Astor Place, I've been experimenting with some new, lighter combinations for the warmer temperatures. 

Fire Island is a staple for summer because its musk sits very well on damper skin. Alice likes to mix Fire Island with Coney Island for a fruiter fragrance, while I like to mix the fire with Little Italy which reveals only a hint of citrus under Fire Island's sultry sheen. 

Brooklyn's woodsy base notes make the fragrance lean towards a men's cologne. To sweeten it up try mixing it with Chelsea Flowers, which can sometimes be too sweet for me on its own.

Astor Place is a light floral that can be amplified when mixed with Bleeker Street, with hints of jasmine and oakmoss or Nuits de Noho with notes of mandarine and vanilla. 
(all photos courtesy of

Have a favorite Bond combination? Do tell...

Thoughts on a honeymoon...

I've been in the thick of wedding planning during the past two weeks, and though it's still a lot of work, one of the most enjoyable tasks popped up on my to-complete list last week: book honeymoon.

We're planning a trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley. We've both been to San Francisco once, though not together, and this marks our first voyage to wine country. Though my honeymoon isn't until this fall, since I have it on the brain, I thought I'd write about some of my top Troc pics for casual yet beautiful honeymoon style.

Every time I look at the Botkier Haley sandal, I think honeymoon. Maybe it's the soft creamy pleating or the comfortable flat style, which looks like it would be perfect for hours of walking around any romantic destination. I'd love to wear it with a maxi dress and beachy, wavy hair.

For a night on the town, these striped Guiseppe Zanottis (the ones at Trocadero have a shorter, more walkable heel) are perfect. Dress them down with a pair of skinny jeans, dress them up with a little black dress. They're so happy and eye-catching. Perfect, I think, for a newlywed bride.

Alice just started to carry pieces by designer Kara Ross, and so far, I've loved everything of hers that I've seen. This burlap clutch with just a touch of gold lizard on the simple slide clasp strikes me as the perfect bag for evenings while out of town. A bride could pack just this with a few simple outfits and be set for the whole trip. It's a classic.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We love Rafe

I have been a fan of Rafe's handbags since the late 90s when I first scouted his line at a showroom or a trade show. It's hard to remember the exact way that I stumbled upon his wonderful designs but I have been fortunate to have lent a hand in making Rafe bags a household name by featuring them in In Style and now at my shop, Trocadero. This season I especially love the collaboration he did with Tibi. The designer behind Tibi, Amy Smilovac, is just a great, energetic and multi-talented woman whose line became much more than the dresses I remember seeing way back when. I remember fashion when both of their lines did not exist and it's always so exciting to watch as your friends become successes in their fields.

I just got a message from Rafe that he is now in American Express' new campaign and I couldn't be more proud! His bags pop off the page and I love that his company is getting the recognition it deserves. I also love American Express because it really supports small businesses like myself. Their fairly new Plum Card is genius and has been my lifeline in many ways. Below are a few other bags and clutches available at Trocadero and starting for Fall we will be carrying his shoe line. Wait until you see the amazing motorcycle boot. embellished ballet and studded bootie pump we have coming. I know that I can't wait.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Recessionista Project

In this week's Trocadero Tidbits newsletter, we mentioned something that my sister, Lindsey, started: The Recessionista Project. It's a simple concept, really: don't buy new stuff. "New," of course, having a bit of a twist: you can buy, but it has to be from a thrift store or a vintage shop, or generally just not brand new. My sister started the project because she wanted to be thrifty, considering our current economic status, but also because she wanted to shoot a dose of creativity directly into her wardrobe. Our mutual friend Julie, who lives in Las Vegas, joined in the project, and so did I, to a lesser degree. Lindsey regularly posts outfits on her blog, and Julie does, too. Lindsey posted one of my outfits on her blog, and I created a couple more for this Troc Talk post (my outfits here use items from the store along with my vintage finds.) We'll start with some of Lindsey's looks.

Lindsey's sporting some fine vintage blouses in the above two photos. She shopped her own closet for the rest of her outfits, putting new life into a cardigan/jacket and a thin gold vintage belt, as well as her signature skinny jeans.

Here's Julie in two of her Recessionista outfits: on the top, she works with a simple nude slip dress and a Victorian blouse she found at a thrift store, along with shoes that she shopped from her own closet. (And she's standing in front of a fabulous painting by Omaha artist Joey Lynch, I must add.) In the second photo, at a club in Las Vegas, she's wearing a thrifted top and shoes along with a pair of shorts that she swapped from a friend and says that she's been wearing all the time. (Lucky her that it's already warm in Vegas!)

And here's some of my looks. My photography skills aren't quite as advanced. But I'm wearing all items shopped from my own closet and thrifted (as well as my Bettye Muller sandals from Trocadero and my Pade Vavra ring, which has truly become a signature piece for me.) What's fun about this project, I think for all three of us, is that it challenges us to think of what we already have in new ways. I've worn things I've saved for special events on a daily basis (the Dior heels in the second photo are a good example of this.) Its fun to mix things up every once in a while, especially in your own wardrobe.

If you want to be a part of the Recessionista project (and really, who wouldn't?!) check out Lindsey's blog and Julie's blog, and send your outfit photos to them, or to us at We'd love to share in your creativity.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trocadero at Summer Music Festivals

Last summer I went to Chicago for Lollapalooza. It was the first time I'd ever attended a multi-day outdoor music festival and I had a great time. I also learned what to wear. With Coachella going on as we speak, and tons of outfit posts from the festival all over the fashion blogs, I thought a little guide to style for the summer music festivals might be in order. Here's what I came up with.

All four of these outfits would work for any of the American festivals, and they'd work for Glastonbury, in England, with the addition of a good pair of rubber boots and a rain jacket.
Trocadero at Summer Music Festivals

We'll start at the left. A pair of jean shorts are necessary (I have this exact pair, from American Eagle Outfitters.) I paired them with a big pair of sunglasses, a simple grey American Apparel tank and of course an all-access pass. Accessorize at Trocadero with Anya Hindmarch's Fruit and Veg tote (to lug your sunscreen, water bottle, lip gloss and wallet) and keep your feet cool in a pair of DV brown "Caprice" gladiators.

The two middle looks both use a dress, and let me just say this is the coolest, most comfortable option at a festival crowded with people in 90-degree heat. Our top look takes a simple Alice and Olivia tank dress in a bright color and pairs it with a funky pair of Puma sneakers, your boyfriend's baseball cap and a classic pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers for an overall sporty vibe. Accessorize this look with a Harajuku Lovers crossbody bag in the fun "Flourescent" colorway and a set of Alex and Ani expandable bangles.

The bottom look uses a floral cotton sundress, from Theory, and makes it festival appropriate but still keeps things feminine. A hat is your best friend in the hot summer sun, and here we show a cute retro straw style from Eugenia Kim. A "Pepto Pink" pedicure from Rescue Beauty Lounge looks great with Matt Bernson's Talaria winged sandal and a pair of retro pink sunglasses. I'd use the Anya tote with this look, too.

Finally, at an evening show, when the sun is on its way down, consider a pair of comfortable boyfriend jeans with a floaty peasant top; here we show Current/Elliott jeans and a Malele Birger York embroidered blouse. A big floppy sun hat keeps the glare off your face and classic aviators just look cool. A simple but cute pair of Seychelles "Get Outta Town" flats and Botkier's "Marcel" clutch with a crossbody strap are dressy enough for drinks after the show.

Have fun at the summer concerts, and even if you're just enjoying music locally, let Trocadero know what you wear.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trocadero Shops Your Closet: Get Rachel's Look

I've had Rachel Bilson and her amazing style on my mind since I did the summer scarves post a few days ago. When I worked at Trocadero on Sunday, I saw that we'd received a selection of gorgeous tie-dyed scarves since my last shift. (Read more about them in this week's Trocadero Tidbits newsletter, which comes out mid-week.) In the meantime, I found a photo of Rachel sporting a version of the scarves in the store now, created by TDM Designs. It's on the right.

Her look is perfect for the weather we've been having as of late, and its one that's easy to recreate. Most of us probably have a rocker tee, a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of flats with fun detail and a colorful bag in our closets already. In this case, it's all about how you put simple pieces together for a casual but pulled together finish.

I turned to Polyvore to help me with some options to get Rachel's look. The three vintage rock and roll t-shirts are something you can buy at a chain store, like Forever 21, or scour your local thrift or vintage shop for the real thing. Ramones shirts, in my opinion, are always cool. The three scarves are very close to ones Trocadero's got in store now: solid scarves in midori green and cream, and dark blue tie-dye like Rachel's. All the jeans featured below are by J. Brand; they're sort of the quintessential skinny jeans, no? Going with black or indigo for this look is more flattering, though I can also see it working with this summer's white jeans, too. Finally, I chose three casual chic accessories from Trocadero's stock: a Kara by Kara Ross anaconda bracelet in a gorgeous magenta, the Botkier "James" tote in a vibrant purple and our newest Marc by Marc Jacobs striped Miss Marc flats.

If you don't subscribe to the Trocadero Tidbits newsletter yet, do it here by clicking on Mailing List once you get on the site.
Get Rachel's Look
Photo of Rachel courtesy TFS.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cool Factor

When I first heard about designer Matt Bernson, I quickly brushed him off. I wasn't a fan of his signature studded sandal and his "cali" attitude. Boy was I ever wrong. When it came time to pick out my summer shoe, Alice suggested Matt Bernson's "Flash" sandal in black on black with the zip back. I remember kind of cocking my head before I tried them on, but they were surprisingly awesome and comfortable, so I took them home and gave Bernson a chance. I am now a convert. The tag lines on Matt Bernson's website are 'sex + comfort' and 'live beyond trend' plus he describes the "Flash" shoe as 'superhero chic.' So maybe I underestimated the cool factor of Matt Bernson and his sandals. I even had a (guy) friend tell me that he thought my outfit was boring until he saw my shoes!!! It's nice knowing that sometimes other people know your style better than you. (Thanks Alice!)  Are you a "Flash," "Fuji," or "Haley?" Check out our shoe page and tell us your shoe personality. Want more editor advice? Stop down to Trocadero and let us help you pick out your summer shoe or sandal. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

High and Low Fashion

It's no secret that I used to be a fashion editor in my old life. There are countless articles on that very topic strewn around the store (yes, we are shamefully very public about our great press we have received in magazines like Travel+Leisure, ELLE and Marie Claire). One of the things I did as an editor was report on the latest trends but also how to wear them and how to get them at every price. I still practice what I used to preach in my new life as a shopkeeper. And today was the perfect example of how I like to mix my "high with my low."

We are fortunate to carry the awesome Brian Atwood collection at Trocadero. I know we talk about his line fairly often but it's because many people aren't as familiar with his shoe line as let's say a Manolo, Christian or Jimmy. Thanks to Sex and the City those lines became household names. While I still love my Blahniks and Choos and Louboutins, I have become a steadfast Atwood girl. In the photo above, I am seen wearing Brian Atwood's gold Elly Self in gold leather. The platform on the shoe along with the ankle strap just holds the foot in making it absolutely easy to walk in and comfortable to boot. I have not been known to be a high heel girl; I am often wearing my flats and spent many summers back in NYC wearing all sorts of flip flops (such as my stand bys from Reef). But these Ellys have changed all that. With spring-like temperatures finally here I am eager to have open-toed shoes to wear and let's face it: wearing heels really makes a huge difference on how your legs look. I might not have a 36 inch inseam on my jeans but at least I can feel like I do by wearing my jeans with heels.

Speaking of my jeans, I am also not a huge denim girl mostly because I find them to be very unforgiving when you're having a little weight gain here and there. There's nothing I hate more than that "muffin top" spillover on one's jeans. Ugh! So imagine my surprise when I was in Costco the other day to do some grocery shopping and I stumbled upon the center section of clothing. Seven Jeans? Really? At Costco? At over $100 they were still not in my price range (considering I have plenty of pricey jeans from Earl, Paper Denim and Cloth and others). I wanted a true bargain. And that's when I saw the Calvin Klein jeans for $24.99. I kind of was dreaming of classic Brooke Shields, 70s-era Calvins but these looked like they would do. With no dressing rooms I had to just wing it and hope for the best (or else return them later if once I tried them on at home they didn't fit).

Let's just say I'm loving my new Costco Calvin Klein jeans. I also like to tell everyone that I bought my jeans from Costco. Grape tomatoes? Check! Bulk toilet tissue? Check! Package of 9 steaks? Check! Giant bottles of alcohol? Check! Calvin Klein jeans? Check!

The finishing touch on my outfit is my jacket. It is one of my "investment" pieces that I bought years ago at the Marni outlet. It is ivory with gold brocade flowers and it is definitely one of the best items I ever purchased in my years of being a fashion editor. What I love most about my Marni jacket is how it really stands out and makes such a bold statement without being overly gaudy. It has gold thread so the "sparkle" factor makes it so versatile to wear both during the day and at night. I like it dressed down with a long tunic underneath with some slim fitting trousers, jeans, pencil skirts or bermuda shorts. Do you have items in your closet that you can't live without? Let us know by commenting below. Also stay tuned to see more of our wardrobe staples...

Summer scarves, part two

In the new issue of InStyle, which came in my mailbox last week (a new fashion magazine in the mail always excites me) the editors debuted a new feature, Ask Rachel, where actress Rachel Bilson tackles readers style queries. Bilson is one of my favorites to watch, style wise, and apparently I'm not the only one that likes her look. At the front of the issue, InStyle cites a reader survey it conducts on what celebrity has the best personal style and Bilson regularly comes out on top. I think its incredibly cool that Bilson took on this challenge, and I am looking forward to reading her answers to different questions each month.

This month, though, she mentions one of her favorite style accessories, the summer scarf. As I've blogged about before, I simply love scarves. Here's the question and Rachel's answer from the magazine.

Q: What are some tips for wearing scarves in warm weather?

A: My favorite accessory! A lightweight blend, like cashmere-silk, is one you can use year-round. I tend to go for longer ones because you can do more. Fringe is kind of over, in my opinion. Matta makes scarves edged with pom poms, which are a cool alternative to fringe.

Rachel is pictured at left wearing a very cool summer scarf in a sunny yellow, along with some simple basics: black skinnies, a black leather jacket and a white t-shirt. If you're in the market for a summer scarf of your own, stop by Trocadero. We have a number of options: Mai Cashmere, TDM Designs and Yarnz scarves, which come in Bilson's recommended silk-cashmere blends as well as some eco-friendly versions made of bamboo.

Photo courtesy of The Fashion Spot

Friday, April 17, 2009

Put A Feather In It

I have a confession to make: I love birds. No, I've never had a pet parakeet, nor would I ever own a bird in cage. I'm not a bird watcher, and in my mind, any bird with a hint of azure to its feathers is a Bluebird.

Perhaps my bizarre affinity towards birds explains why one of my favorite accessories at the Troc is the Pluma feather headband. Did you catch the photo of Milla Jovovich wearing the "Kit" style in the March 16, 2009 issue of People? The magazine declared "feathers" a H-O-T trend for Spring, and we at the store agree! 

If you're not sure whether you can pull off a feather headband, try wearing one that blends in with the color of your hair. For example, if you're a brunette, go for the headband with the black and green feather rather than a lighter version. That way, the look is less "in your face." Personally, I love when the feather pops, so I often choose to wear the white headband with the white and brown feather in my almost-auburn hair.

If you own a Pluma headband, let us know how you like to wear it: matching your hair color or contrasting with it. 

Ode to Lidia

What can we say but the Lidia from Brian Atwood is H-O-T! Just in the past couple days we've had emails, phone calls and local customers inquiring about this shoe. I don't know if it's just because Gwyneth was seen wearing it on her website GOOP or because people are in the mood for a sexy, open-toed sandal now that Spring has Sprung but it is the popular shoe of the week. We love you Lidia in all your glory! Be warned Trocadero only has about three pairs left of the Brian Atwood Lidias...I think we have a 36, 38 and reserve your pair now!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drew Barrymore in Giuseppe Zanotti

Drew Barrymore - who has been all over the place promoting her new movie "Grey Gardens" - fearlessly wore a funky dress by Giambattista Valli for an appearance on David Letterman yesterday. And what's more exciting is that she has on a pair of shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti that we have at the Troc! I'd say she looks fabulous, wouldn't you? Check out Drew's shoes - and a bunch of other fabulous choices - here. Happy shopping!

Photo of Drew courtesy NY Post.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Inspiration by way of Talaria

After Trocadero got the new Matt Bernson Talaria sandal earlier this week, I felt a whiff of inspiration, as if from the gods. Just kidding. But it's an awfully cute sandal, and it can be worn in tons of ways.
Open Skies
Our looks this week all focus on this cute, versatile gladiator with a darling pair of wings at each ankle. First, a glittery mini dress paired with a Pade Vavra knuckle duster pearl ring, a simple Anya Hindmarch clutch and an adorable Pluma feather headband gets you ready for girls night out. Next, we update the ubiquitous black legging with a simple gray tank, an updated boyfriend blazer and the go-anywhere Sasha convertible hobo from Botkier. Finally, let your winged sandals take you though the workday in a simple black blouse, a brightly-colored tulip skirt and signature expandable bangles from Alex and Ani. None of these looks would be complete without a sprinkle of the truly addictive Glamo Glitz eye shadow from Scarlett Cosmetics.

And, in case you were wondering, the Talaria sandals are named after the winged sandals worn by the Greek Gods, most often Hermes, the messenger god. Pretty good lineage for a sandal, no?

All accessories above are available in store now at Trocadero! Clothes designed by Chloe, Elizabeth and James, American Apparel, Helmut Lang, James Perse and Lipsy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Silver Sandals

My sister, Lindsey, is a fashion writer for one of Omaha's independent newsweeklies, and she also has a blog, where she regularly features her own outfits and answers style-related questions for her readers, including me. I totally take advantage of this fun service. Recently, I asked her to help me style a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti silver sandals I got at Trocadero. Check out her amazing post, and see some of the great outfits she put together below.

zanotti 2

zanotti 3

Sunday, April 12, 2009

45 Tips to Gear Up for Summer

If you get our weekly newsletter, Trocadero Tidbits, then you know that we're counting down the days to the "unofficial first day of summer" on Memorial Day, which falls on May 25th this year. We've been revealing 5 tips a week, trying to make the slow progress more bearable. If you've missed tips  45-26 look no further. 
Spring Break Fever 
45. Incorporate Bright Colors Start with a light scarf, colorful nails or a bright bag or skirt with your tights and cardigan...before you know it, it will be Arnold Palmer and summer dress season
44. Change up Your Fragrance We think that heavier muskier scents like Bond no. 9's Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue works better in the winter, while lighter floral or citrus fragrances are favored for spring. Time to break out Bond no. 9's Coney Island which has hints of margarita mix and guava. 
43. Get a Pedicure Get your toes ready for exposure with a soak and professional paint job. Our favorite pedicure spot is Nail-Tek on 78th street between Dodge and Cass. The technicians are quick and thorough and offer some of the lowest prices in the city. 
42. Buy Fresh Flowers It's probably too early to start planting your summer garden, so compromise and purchase some fresh flowers next time you're at the grocery store. The smell and colors will improve your home and your mood immediately. 
41. Take Your Lunch Outside Take a 20 minute mini-retreat at lunch. Eat your sandwich or salad outside on your front porch or on the grassy hill outside of work while soaking in the sun. Breathe in some fresh air before it's back inside to cleaning or the computer. 
Out and About
40. Exercise Sparky Take that cooped up pooch on walk or to the park for a brisk jog. SIngle? Better yet! Dog owners are really friendly people, and you already have one thing in's best friend. Just don't forget a plastic bag!
39. Protect your look One of the worst things about spring is that you never know when rain will ruin your hair or shoes, and your umbrella is always in the car or hall closet. Thanks to this website, you can enter your location and the website will text or e-mail you if you'll need your umbrella that day. Tut tut, looks like rain. 
38. 'I' is for Ice Cream Once it gets warm enough to open the door at Trocadero, we can't help but crave ice cream. Nothing says carefree, like a double scoop waffle cone. Our favorite ice cream is from Ted and Wally's, on the corner of 12th and Jackson, which features wacky, homemade flavors daily. Try the lemon ginger; we swear it doesn't taste like body wash. 
37. Channel your Inner Child You don't have to be a kid to paint a picture, make a collage...or see a puppet show. Tony-award winning musical Avenue Q is in town at the Orpheum Theater through Sunday. Just don't bring the little ones to this's for mature audiences only. 
36. Visit the Zoo You've seen the jungle, aquarium and even the desert dome a thousand times, but have you visited the Insect and Butterfly Pavillion at the Henry Doorly Zoo? It opened last May, but hummingbirds were just added last month.

Spring Cleaning 
35. Eat Asparagus This yummy, green vegetable is now in season! Asparagus is a great source of antioxidants and a great detoxifier, but did you know that the stalky vegetable is a diuretic and a good source of folic acid...perfect for those looking to conceive! Intern Christine recommends asparagus with a simple penne, fresh ground black pepper, red pepper flakes and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Our stomachs are already grumbling!
34. Donate Old Clothes 
It's that time of year when half your closet holds wool sweaters and long pants while the other half is filled with sun dresses and lighter cardigans.Take an hour to go through that mess and set aside anything that you haven't worn in a those gaucho pants. Donate your old duds to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, and if the clothing is business appropriate send it to the YWCA Career Clothing Closet, one ofTrocadero's favorite charities. 
33. Clean Makeup Brushes Cleaning your makeup brushes is often times a forgotten beauty task, but now that winter's over stop dusting dead skin cells over your face. At least once a month, wash your makeup brushes with a gentle shampoo and lay out to dry overnight. If that's too much work, try Clinique's new Quick Blush Brush that's finished with anti-bacterial technology.   
32. Wear Patent Leather 
Don't ruin your new leather bag in April showers (or ughsnows). Instead opt for patent leather which is virtually waterproof, and nice and shiny as an added bonus. Don't have any patent leather? Trocadero has two black patent Botkier convertible hobos (favored by Angelina Jolie and Rihanna) and one hunter green patent Anya Hindmarch duffle on sale, plus a nice selection of red patent Rafe bags and patent-trimmed Anya Hindmarch totes and clutches new for spring! Shoes more your thing? Pick from Marc by Marc Jacobs' Miss Marc ballet or Giuseppe Zanotti's lust-worthy rocker heels in blush and black patent.
31. Prevent Allergies 
Finally a no needle, drug free way to combat allergies. Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) is a digital, non-invasive treatment with roots in acupuncture. Learn more about ATT from Dr. Thomas Triba at Triba Chiropractic Clinic (2720 S. 114th Street), one of only 58 centers in the country to offer this technique.

So Fresh and So Clea
30. Come Fly With Me While flights are still relatively cheap, take advantage and book your summer destinations now...before gas prices become unfriendly. Travelocity is our favorite travel planning site but also check out the special $49 one-way flights on Southwest.
29. Strike a Pose 
We know you say you're not flexible but we'd like to try to bend you the other getting onto the yoga bandwagon. It will not only limber you up but will also strengthen your back and alleviate a natural-stress area. Try the Omaha Yoga School's 
Hyp-Yoga class or if you're a little more experienced sweat it out with a Bikram class at One Tree Yoga. Namaste.
28. Lose pounds with a new 'Do
There's nothing like feeling ten pounds lighter when you chop your locks. Especially if you've got 8 inches or more to cut off like Alice did a couple years ago. She donated her locks to Pantene's "Beautiful Lengths" program that provides wigs for cancer survivors. If your hair (or you) are not ready for a chop, why not experiment with some color with Today Show regular Louis Licari-trained local coloristChristi Clark over at Hair Tech in Rockbrook Village. We love Christi for her perfect L.A.-blonde highlights but at Omaha prices.

27. Lick your Lips Easter is right around the corner and it's hard to resist eating all sorts of candy such as intern Sabrina's favorite Cadbury mini eggs and Christine's fave Peeps. Click here to see what our other staff favorites are and let us know what candy you want in your Easter basket. But if you're like some of us and either gave up sugar for Lent or are on a spring diet, we've found the Easter Bunny cure for you: Peeps lip balm
26. Recycle the Unthinkable Intern Drew can't help but recycle glass, even if Omaha makes it rather inconvenient and Sarah regularly recycles her Diet Coke cans at work. You might recycle your milk cartons, cardboard boxes, and don't even think about ever taking a plastic bag...but what about your makeup containers? Thankfully, Origins cosmetics is now accepting empty cosmetic containers, tubes and jars at their makeup counters, regardless of brand, for recycling and energy recovery. Which brings us to our next point: what is your eco-ritual? Check out our blog to see more of our eco-tips as we celebrate Earth Day this month and let us know what you do to keep our environment green and ecologically safe. We'll post some of our favorite customer tips in an upcoming Trocadero Tidbits.
Stop and Smell the Flowers
25. Experiment with an Elixir The fermented Chinese tonic, kombucha, promises to rejuvenate, restore, revitalize, replenish and regenerate, so expect high energy and clear thinking. But beware...kombucha is not for the faint of heart. If raw strands of culture in your tea freaks you out, then this is not the drink for you. But it might change your life...and is now available at Cubby's in the Old Market in addition to Whole Foods out west.  

24. Support a Fashion Indie Help bring a fashion legend to town...on the big screen. Valentino: The Last Emperor is a behind-the-scenes look at the world of fashion from the legendary designer himself. The movie is now playing in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco but expands its release starting April 17th. The film that Time calls "flawless" and The New York Post calls "pure movie magic" isn't on its way to Omaha yet...but it could be. Click here to see where it's playing now and in wider release as well as to find out how to get it to your townSounds like a perfect movie to screen at Omaha's Dundee Theater or Film Streams...

23. Ban Rays Invest in a pair of dark, high quality shades. They'll last you years, we swear.  We are grooving on these styles from Marc Jacobs (left) Selima Optique (center) and Marni (right) and like the selection at local sunglass shop Robert Max in Countryside Village. But we like to mix it up sometimes and suggest amping up your sunglass wardrobe with a pair of Blublockers, a fun pair of tinted aviators, or a crazy pair of unique vintage frames.  

22. Rice, Rice Baby  With Earth Day a week away, why not support the environment with a quirky, new take on recycled goods? BC Footwear's "I used to be a rice bag" flip flops and iPhone/Blackberry holder are made of recycled rice bags and available now in limited quantities at Trocadero. These cheeky but comfy sandals ($35) and durable phone covers ($18) make great gifts for both your carnivore and vegan friends! Check out our blog post on them here. Speaking of rice, we're always on the lookout for great Asian eats in Omaha.  We have recently been tipped off from Amanda at Jackson Street Booksellers (the best used book store in America according to Omaha native, best selling author and NPR host Kurt Andersenthat India Garden at 125th and Center has an amazing lunch buffet. Alice went for dinner and said that both the Chicken Makhani and the Aloo Gobi were 'so flavorful and spicy.' And don't miss Mother India on 35th and Leavenworth for takeout Vindaloo. Hmmm do those rice bag shoes come with a free meal?

21. Embrace the Greek Life With Greek Orthdox Easter on Sunday, our minds can't help but wander to the blue skies and waters of Santorini. Thank God for the just newly arrived Miroslav Sasek illustrated book: This is Greeceto sweep us away...visually. Or feel like a goddess and slip on a pair of Matt Bernson's "Talaria" gladiators. "Talaria" actually means winged sandal, and is the footwear of choice for Hermes, the Greek messenger god. See how we style the shoe by checking out our post at Troc Talk.

Back to Basics

20. Hit the Pavement Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about getting healthy, and the Omaha Health, Wellness and Fitness Expocomes just in time for seasonal detox. This year's event, slated for April 24-25th at the Civic Auditorium, will feature more than 250 exhibitors showing their wares! Click here for more information on the walk and bike ride to benefit the American Lung Association and officially kick off the season to exercise outdoorsBest part: admission is free! 

19. Make the Old New Again If you've purchased FrugalistaRescue Beauty Lounge's sparkly nail polish from Trocadero, and still haven't embraced the lifestyle...then it's time to try the Recessionista Project. Lindsey Baker, the City Weekly's style editor and the sister of our own Sarah Baker, started the movement on her blog: Only Style Remains the SameThe only requirement is that "new" items must be vintage or thrifted, and the rest of your look must come from shopping your own closet.Check out our blog, Troc Talk, for outfit photos and to find out how to submit your own Recessionista looks. But if you must shop for new wares, check out Loomstate, Target's newest GO International line featuring 100% certified organic cotton.

18. Wrap it Up Our love of scarves is no secret and we're thrilled that our newest shipment from TDM Designs are perfect for Earth Day festivities.Not only are they tie-dyed (so granola-chic!) but they are made of 100 percent bamboo and create sustainable income for Nepalese women to combat poverty and to support themselves and others. Our other Trocaderoeco-picks are Alex and Ani expandable bracelets made from recycled metals and Red Flower's line of organic products including candles, body care and perfumes. (Alex and Ani photo courtesy of Alex and Ani) 

17. Let Loose This weekend's earth day festivities at Elmwood Park should be on your to-do list for Saturday. Events and booths will run from noon-6 p.m. and nosh on food from yummy restaurants like McFosters and the Pizza Shoppe starting at noon. Even if you don't want to do Tai Chi or recycle your used electronics, stop by and listen to some live music and chill out in the beer garden.       

16. Buy Paper, Not Plastic The Benson stationery store and art gallery,Pulphas picked up its roots and re-planted them in the Old Market passageway. The new location is celebrating with Sprout, a show featuring a crop of emerging artists that continues through May 11th. 
High Rollers and Good Eats
15. Win the Clean Plate Award Finally a reason to get out of bed on Saturday morning: the Omaha Farmer's MarketGet your hands on the freshest produce and local goods on Saturdays in the Old Market from 8 am. to 12:30 p.m. or at Village Pointe from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Both markets run through October 3rd.    
14. Smell Sweet and Sour Our newest Bond no. 9 fragrances for spring and summer are Little Italy with top notes of grapefruit and mandarin and Astor Place with top notes of violet, freesia and poppy. If you prefer something more woodsy, be sure to check out has hints of juniper (read: gin & tonic) and leather. Lately we've been experimenting to find out which Bond fragrances complement each other. Visit our blog to check out our favorite combinations. 
13. Eat Your Art Out The Bemis Center's latest exhibit, which opens this Friday, gives viewers a legitimate chance to play with food. Paul Renner's exhibit, The Omaha Diner, is a presentation where food is the sculpture, and environment and experience are the backdrop. For more information or to make reservations for one of the two artist-orchestrated meals, in collaboration with the Boiler Room's executive chef Paul Kulik, click here
12. Be a Fruit Does your moisturizer have sunscreen? If not, we've got you covered with Korres pomegranate balancing moisturizer with spf 6 or Korres watermelon face cream with spf 30.Not into food on your face? Try Malin + Goetz's sunscreen with spf 30. 
11. I Scream You Scream I don't know about you, but we never turn down free ice cream. If you're a Berkshire shareholder make sure to stop by the Dairy Queen on 114th and Dodge Friday, May 1st for a free ice cream cone. Cold-inducing headaches will be served from 8:30-10 p.m.
Do What Your Mama Taught Ya
10. Savor the Day  If the thought of breakfast (and crumbs) in bed gives you a headache,take the time to indulge in a lazy Sunday brunch with mom. Think beyond the typical country club buffet and try The French Cafe for elegant French-inspired dining or Granite City for a classy twist on the buffet, featuring several exclusive Mother's Day entrees. Make sure to make reservations wherever you go.     
9. Scrub Between Your Toes As a kid, your mother always insisted on cleaning those inconspicuous places like your bellybutton and behind your ears. Reward her nit-pickings and treat her to an Ashiatsu massagea technique that uses the practitioner's feet, from Lisa Christensen at the Omaha Healing Arts Center
8. Pick and Choose Didn't find the right bauble at Borsheim's during BRK weekend? Check out this online jewelry concierge service that does all the work for you. If you need to see your jewelry in person, stop by Trocadero to see our selections from Candace Ang, Pade by Pade Vavra (earrings shown), Alex and Ani, Ileana Makri (necklace shown), Alexis Bittar, Kara by Kara Ross (bracelet shown), Patch NYC, Lee Angel, Ginette NY and Helen Ficalora.

7. Hit the Drive Thru Flowers are an obvious Mother's Day staple and thankfully down in the Old Market we have some wonderful choices such as Garden Flowers and Habitat. Or pick up a fresh bouquet from the Farmer's Market on Saturday, head over to Trocadero and pick out a Normann Copenhagen grass bud vase, an Anne Black ceramic one or a modern glass vase from Roost and there's a perfect two-in-one gift for her to enjoy both now and later. Out west? Try Stemsin Countryside Village or Bloom's over at Rockbrook...but if you're in a rush, hit up Piccolo's drive-thru floral shop, just south of Dodge on 72nd, for a single rose or a mixed bouquet.
6. Rectify those Wicked Years  Were you a teenage witch? Make up for the wrinkles you caused by taking your mother to see the Grammy and Tony award-winning Broadway show, Wicked, at the Orpheum through May 31st, about the friendship that formed between the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda, the Good Witch...long before Dorothy stumbled down the yellow brick road.

Stay tuned...